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Our Four-Legged Family


   Bentley is our beloved daddy. He is a pure bred Bernese Mountain Dog (BMD). He's a big and solid with beautiful conformation, weighing about 100-110lbs. He's got the most laid-back, loveable personality and he just loves to be with his people. He will lean up and nudge you for a good ol' ear rub, and stay there until you stop. He is a big boy, but he's still a puppy at heart. Everybody loves Bentley! Of course, he is has a clear Genetic Health Certificate through Paw Print Genetic testing.


   Porsche, darling, is a beautiful red and white Standard Poodle, CKC registered. She is bright eyed and bouncy. She's always looking for where the action is at. Tons of love and fun with this sweetheart. Porsche's puppies are colorful and include a couple copper (also called sable) pups. Some of Porsche's pups are unfurnished, this is a unique look that some families are looking for! As with all our breeding partners, she has a clear Genetic Health Certificate with Paw Print Genetics testing.



   Morgan, our newest member of the family, made an adventurous flight from a breeder in Victoria as a puppy to join us. She is CKC registered and has a clear Genetic Health Certificate from Paw Print Genetics testing. Morgan is friendly, loves attention and someone to play with.  She's the youngest of our crew and likes to remind everyone that playtime is important too. Her first litter just arrived and the entire litter is stunning tricolor - so adorable!


   Tessie is our sweet Standard Poodle (55lb), that hails from a breeder in Ontario. Her mother excelled in training in the hunting class. Tessie is a confident, smart girl with beautiful, green/brown eyes and a strong stocky build. She's a fun-loving, playful girl and loves a stroll through the meadows. Tessie is also tested through Paw Print Genetics and has a clear Genetic Health Certificate. She just had her last litter in 2022 and has found a loving retirement home with a senior where she gets to enjoy being doted on. So happy for her!


   Zeda, our black Standard Poodle has now retired and found a family where she can rest and enjoy a family all to herself. Her beautiful, and well loved pups will continue her laid-back legacy. 

Zeda who quietly and calmly takes in all her surroundings, has beautiful quiet eyes and seems to know when you need an extra paw or a quiet nuzzle. She gets attached to her favourite people and likes to follow wherever they go. A smart girl and a darling at heart!

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