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BernedoodleLane - Health Guarantee Terms:

Seller guarantees that this puppy is healthy and is up-to-date on all age appropriate immunizations and worming treatments and all health records have been provided.

1) The Seller promises to make the Buyer aware of any and all know health issues before the purchase of this puppy. The Seller is not liable for any accident or injury of the animal once it leaves the Seller's possession. Once the Puppy leaves our care, we have no control over how the Puppy is handled, where the Puppy is taken or what the Puppy is exposed to. The Seller guarantees the Puppy to be free of any fatal hereditary defects to the best of our knowledge. Warranty is provided for (1) year after the birthdate of this Puppy, to be clear of any debilitating hereditary disease that would cause the dog to lose quality of life before age of five. If such a disease is proven, the Seller must be contacted immediately and written proof of all exam results and a formal diagnosis from an approved Licensed Veterinarian must be provided to the Seller. The Seller reserves the right to a second veterinary opinion. If such disease is confirmed by approved veterinarian, compensation will be provided to the Buyer in the form of reimbursement of upto $500 less the purchase price of the Puppy.

2) The Buyer accepts all responsibility for the care, upbringing and welfare of this Puppy. Buyer agrees to maintain this puppy/dog in good health, provide routine preventative health care, including but not limited to, vaccinations, internal and external parasite control, and preventative medications. Buyer agrees to provide fresh water and quality food in the appropriate amounts. If any of the above preventative care has not been provided, this health warranty will be rendered null and void. 

3) Buyer understands that allowing the Puppy to become overweight, over or under vaccinated, failure to provide and adequate diet, age appropriate exercise (excessive exercise and jumping before age 12 months can create joint issues) or proper veterinarian care will void Health Guarantee.

4) Seller is not responsible for injuries sustained, illnesses contracted, or death after transfer of ownership to Buyer.

5) This contract does not cover the following: viral illnesses, parasites, infections, improper bites, skin/food/environmental allergies, mild heart murmurs, viral giardia or coccidia or kennel cough. It also does not cover illnesses due to the ingestion of foreign objects, food, chemicals, stress related issues, physical injuries and/or illnesses which may have occurred and/or contracted during or after transport to the Buyer.

6) Spay/Neuter Agreement: This Puppy is being sold as a pet and companion and not for breeding purposes. The Buyer agrees to spay/neuter their puppy between 6 and 12 months of age. The Buyer will provide written notice of this to the Seller. If the purchased Puppy is used to produce a litter, the Buyer agrees to pay the Seller an additional $5000 above the purchase price. The health guarantee becomes void if the spay/neuter contract is violated.

7) Rehoming:  If, for any reason, Buyer is unable to care for purchased puppy/dog, please contact the Seller immediately. We will assist you in relocating your puppy to a new "approved" home. Although we will not reimburse you for the price of the puppy/dog, we will assist you in finding a new loving home.

8) Buyer is aware that the Puppy they are purchasing is not a purebred dog, that it is a crossbred dog that has been thoughtfully bred to meet certain characteristics desirable for a family companion. However, due to the nature of a crossbred there is no guarantee on the coat type, level of shedding, adult coat or adult size of the dog.

9) Buyer is strongly recommended to attend obedience training with the Puppy as to provide adequate training and socialization which plays an integral roll in the physical and mental health of a dog. We have a partnership the an amazing Online Puppy School called BAXTER & Bella and we are thrilled to provide a discount to anyone looking for guidance with training their puppy or dog of any age.

10) Under no circumstances shall Seller be liable to the Buyer or any third party for any consequential, incidental, or special damages resulting from or in manner related to the dog.

11) This Health Guarantee is not transferable from the original purchases of the Puppy.

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