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Hi there, Winston had his first haircut, and was so good she was able to give him more than a puppy trim!

He is doing so awesome. Very sweet and mild mannered. I am sure much of it is that we have a quiet household, but a lot is probably due to the Bernese breed too. Don't get me wrong, he has lots of puppy silliness in him and can be a bit mischievous He recently found fun in unravelling the toilet paper hahaha.

He is very affectionate and won't move away as long as you are touching him

-Alaine (Red Deer, AB)

Belle is incredible, she just had her third set of shots from the vet and is healthy and well. She's an amazing addition to the family and always wants to be near everyone. I attached some photos so you can see how she's grown. She's quirky; she snores, will lay on her back at every opportunity hoping for belly rubs, she takes her toys for walks sometimes, and on of my favourite photos is her lying almost off the dog bed, She has to stay on the dog bed while we're eating dinner this is her version of listening.  She's as close to the food as she can be but still has her feet on the dog bed. 

She makes us smile everyday!

I love it, and everyone should have dog as good natured as Belle.

-Julie (Surrey, BC)

Hagrid (formally known as Harry) is doing SO well!! He has such a calm demeanor, and still loves to sleep under the table (where he can fit) or by the back door. He's growing so fast. This picture was taken 2 weeks ago @ 30lbs and as I look at it today I swear he's doubled in size. He's definitely taking after his dad.

He's making so much progress and he gets better each and every day. He loves to play with other dogs, loves to roll in the snow, loves to play hide and seek, loves to go for walks and loves a good cuddle first thing in the morning and before bed.

He turns four months this Monday, it's hard to believe. He's happy and healthy. We've had no health issues in terms of allergies or required medications and he's adjusted very well to his new home. He's been a wonderful addition to our family and has changed our lives in so many good ways. I'm forever grateful to have found BernedoodleLane!!

He's a perfect match, we couldn't be happier.

-Rebecca (Gibbons, AB)

Hi there! June is the best dog ever- we feel like we hit the dog jackpot with her. She is soo happy and easy to train, great off leash, amazing with kids, and is so loving! We get compliments of her all the time and people are shocked she's only 6 mths old! Thnak you so much <3!

When she was a puppy we'd find little bunches of hair in the corners like you said but now not at all! My dad has allergies and she slept in my parents' bed last night and he said no issues! I would say entirely non-shedding.

-Alexa (Victoria, BC)

Toby is just great! We just adore him! He was by far the most calm, laid back puppy at puppy classes, and quick to learn everything as he will do anything for a treat! He was easy to house train and all around just easy going! H loves playing with other dogs at the dog park and is very friendly to everyone. We think of him as our giant teddy bear as he loves to cuddle. Just a sweetheart. We had worried how much work his coat would take but it really hasn't been a problem. Every time we go for a walk people always ask us about him, I always tell them where we got him and how helpful you were in the process! We are just so in love with our Bernedoodle, Toby! Thanks for letting us adopt him!

- Heather (Vancouver, BC)

Hello there :), just wanted to let you know how in love we are with our baby girl. We named her Geneva. She's so beautiful!! Very popular around town already lol! Can't thank you enough! You are so great at what you do. She's changed our quality of life tremendously, we are now out walking every day, 2-3x a day! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

-Margaret (Ft. McMurray, AB)

Ashley is doing so good. She hasn't even had an accident yet. She is crazy smart and has learned our bit of stairs. She is like velcro to me and is interactive. She is exactly what you said....quirky, funny, and spunky but the sweetest, loyal cuddler. I'm so thankful to you. My heart is full of joy.

-Kelsie (Calgary, AB)

Hello Semyra! I was going to send you an update on Maggie now that she has hit her 6 month birthday. So nice to hear you have more gorgeous puppies! Maggie's vet checks have been good. Groomers say she is wonderful and our kids can't get enough of her! She's very smart and catches on to things very quickly. She was trained to ring a bell and go outside to do her business within the first week of her being home with us. She has a very loving temperament and wants to be with us all the time <3. Maggie gives 'hugs' on request. See attached pics :)

UPDATE: at a year she weighs 72lbs. 

-Patti (Calgary, AB)

Hi Semyra it's Quinn!. My puppies name is Charlie and he's 45 pounds at 6 months old.He's so calm and all mannered. Training is awesome with him he's so smart and picks up everything so quickly. The first week I had him he had a handful of accidents and he's been good ever since. He is very healthy and the biggest cuddle and so sweet with my younger siblings. He's and awesome puppy and thank you so much for him <3!  

-Quinn (Ft. Sask, AB)

Hi Semyra! Just got your text. Poppy is doing great! She just got back from being spayed. At 6 months old she's 47lbs and about 2.5 feet tall at her head.

So mild mannered with the kids. they lay on her, pull her hair (not very often) but she seems to know that they are babies lol. She loves Anna's soothers and eats them whenever she gets a chance.

I also take her to work with me around once per week and she loves it.

Pretty smart and lots of energy, testing us not as much as we know other puppies do.

Such a great pup! Thanks!! Cheers!  

-Matt P.  (Langley, BC)

Hi Semyra! the website looks awesome, the info section explains the exact reasons we chose to go with a bernedoodle for our family.

Easton is doing very well in our home! He loves learning new tricks and is extremely good driven which helps us learn quickly. His colours have stayed; more white and brown have started to show through as well. His temperament is very calm for the most parts with obvious puppy tendencies which is good considering Easton is sitting around 50 lbs. We get compliments all the time on how he "isn't like other puppies" and how beautiful he is.

Vet checks have been good for us. We have had a few issues with Easton's bowels and figuring out what he can and cannot eat but we have it under control now! We found that treats with peanut butter or coconut oil as well as generic treats were causing diarrhea. We've switched to just using food and dried meat as treats. We're using Acana large breed puppy food which has been god for him and sometimes we add a GI supplement to his food if he has soft stool; only when he's had something new in his diet.

 I was planning on messaging you this week as well to let you know that we did get Easton neutered this week! His recovery is going very well, mostly just a matter of keeping him from getting too excited and bored!!

Shedding is very minimal!! We're planning to start grooming once he's healed from his neutering, mostly just a hair trimming and a good bath every once in awhile.

I'm happy to hear that you are having more puppies as we are very happy with ours and others need to experience the love a bernedoodle can give!! Our adoption experience with you have been amazing and love that you are checking in with us. We got some photos taken over Christmas here are a few of Easton! Please feel free to use them on your new website!  

-Kashtin L.  (Calgary, AB)

He's such and amazing dog. Such a sweet personality.

We are so in love and so blessed.

Training is really good unless other dogs are around - then he gets very excited and distracted! His favorite trick is High Five.

As of today (6mths) Rookie is 61lbs.

He loves his tug rope and his favourite game is piling all of his toys on the couch

- Trevor N.  (Spruce Grove. AB)

Bentley was 48 lbs at the end of December so I'd say about 55lbs now.

He's gotten more white through his coat as he got older.

His temperament is amazing. So good with the kids. He gets guarded when anyone comes to the door. His bark is intimidating lol he does know not to jump on the kids though some how.

-Brittany S.  (Ft. McMurray, AB)

Moose is doing great. 60lbs. Cuddly, cute and smart. Needy, and that's ok. Still has his puppy fluff, which I'l have to get groomed when spring arrives so he doesn't overheat. We did have on brutal experience --he seeks out and eats socks, and one had to get surgically removed. That was tow months ago and he's back to his healthy self. He's pretty awesome --gets along with people and dogs. Super happy to have him!! :)

 -Rick S.  (Vancouver, BC)

Hi Semyra & Family, I just thought I would give you and update on my puppy and how his first week has been going!

His name is Waylon, and I must say his is SUCH a good puppy, it is unbelievable. We've had a busy week together training and meeting new people. He is a very smart pup and his temperament is unlike any dog we have ever had. He is super calm (all the time), has been catching on to the training and routines very quickly, and walks very well on the leash!

We took his for his first public outing yesterday for pictures with Santa at Greenland! Everyone there couldn't quite believe how calm he was in the presence of a bunch of strangers and wild dogs. He was for sure one of the most well behaved dogs there. I will attach a picture of his visit with Santa.

He met my parents' 10 yr old Standard Poodle the other day, she loved hime, and they had a blast playing outside together!

I will keep you updated with how he is doing and how big this ball of fur gets!

(Update at 6 months old) Waylon is doing amazing, he still blows me away his good he is, he finished his obedience classes a couple weeks ago, and has done very well with everything they have taught. He gets out in public very often to socialize and go shopping with me so that's good. he gets a ton of attention while we are out! He went for his first haircut last week on Friday, the groomer couldn't quite believe how well behaved he was the entire time he was there. I don't think they put him in a crate while he waited to be picked up. He has passed all his vet checks, lately he's been having some off and on diarrhea. So we are in the process of figuring out what is causing that. We think it might be his food but are waiting on a stool test to come back. He weighs 40lb, and the vet would like to see him eating more than he has been, so I'm sure he won't complain (he loves to eat). Aside from the poop issue he still acts like his normal self and is still very playful. He loves going for playdates with my parents' standard poodle, they get along so well together. I will send you some pictures before and after his haircut! His coat has pretty much stayed the same, it's still very self and fluffy, and wavy. When the light hits it it's a nice mixture of brown and black.  I hope all is well with you guys and enjoy the weekend!!

- Jared C. (Sherwood Park, AB)

Hi Semyra, Teddy is doing well - growing like a weed!! He is already 54lbs. He is a pig and very food motivated which has made training relatively easy. We've done 2 round of puppy classes and he is a star performer. His colouring is very much the same except that he now also has bits of white sprinkled through his back in addition to the white socks, tail tip and on his head. He is shedding now.. I'm hoping this is just a transition from puppy to adult coat has but will have to wait and see. He continues to have a rather sensitive tummy. Everything is okay with the vet checks. He will be neutered around 10 months at the vet's recommendation. He is energetic and social. Does well with new people and dogs.He is definitely a momma's boy since he and I pend so much time together. The kids love their dog but still get overwhelmed with his size sometimes. Yes, the teenage testing requires patience, perseverance, and plenty of treats. I'll check out your website later on when I have WiFi :)

-Michelle K.  (Edmonton, AB)

Hi Semyra! We are doing really well! We named our puppy Jett. He's been a wonderful dog. All vet checks have been clear. Everyone comments on his temperament! He's a very calm and super gentle with our two girls. We just love him. We just started obedience training with him and besides a few kids toys, he's been really good with chewing. We will definitely spread the word! We are so happy with our puppy! Take Care!

-The Donovan's  (Ft. Sask. AB)

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