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welcomes you!

We are a small breeder of F1 Standard Bernedoodles,

in Alberta, Canada.


Puppies raised with love,

from our Family - for your Family. 

See pictures of previous litters!


Everybody LOVES the gentle nature of the Bernese! ...but no one loves their shedding.. so the combination of the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Standard Poodle is the new and improved designer breed = the Bernedoodle.

Bernedoodles are bred to be a companion dog, and are happiest when spending time with their family. Adding together the intelligence, longevity and non-shedding qualities of the the Standard Poodle to the goofy, loyal, gentle friendliness of the Bernese, brings together the best of both these amazing breeds. They are affectionate, smart, loyal and just the most lovable bundles of friendship that bring a smile to everyone they meet.  We humbly believe they truly are the best family dogs ever.


"Poppy is doing great! 

So mild mannered with the kids. They lay on her, pull her hair (not very often) but she seems to know that they are babies lol....

I also take her to work with me around once per week and she loves it.

Pretty smart and lots of energy now, testing us not as much as we know other pups do.

Such a great pup!  Thanks!!"  -Matt P.

I'm glad everyone is having the same experiences with their pups, I would recommend them to anyone looking for a well behaved, well tempered dog, I would have no problem handing him off to a young kid or and elderly person to walk with or hang out with! He's a very good companion (I can't go anywhere in the house without him tagging along). -Jared C.





Average Height: 24" to withers

Average Weight: 70-85 lbs

These are standard size doodles. Our goal is to create the best family dog for you, so we prefer the nature of the standard poodle mixed with the BMD as opposed to the smaller poodle breeds which have a different nature (we do not breed mini bernedoodles.) As always with mixed breed sizing, there will be exceptions to the rule. 


Poodles are a hypoallergenic breed that do not shed, when crossed with the BMD (who sheds profusely in spring and fall) it reduces the shedding of the Bernedoodle to a minimum (low to non-shedding) and almost always retains the hypoallergenic qualities that are necessary for allergy sufferers. Our puppies have successfully been placed in many homes where allergies were a big concern. 


Moderate exercise of about 30-60 min throughout the day for adult dogs. Bernedoodles love to be outdoors and need to be with their family.

The common health concerns of either parents' pure breed are dramatically reduced by cross-breeding, this is called hybrid vigor (the puppies are actually healthier than either parent breed).

*Puppy comes Microchipped.

*Puppy comes with a 1 year health guarantee on debilitating hereditary disease.

*Puppy also comes with 1 month free pet insurance coverage. 


The kind and gentle nature of the BMD combined with the intelligence of the Poodle makes for the best overall family dog. They love children and get along equally well with other animals.

Bernedoodles have also proven to do very well as therapy dogs!


If you are unable to make it for our puppy visit days, we are happy to arrange a virtual meeting with us and the puppies.

When needed, we will also arrange shipping with our preferred airline. 


As this is a newer designer breed the average lifespan is not well documented yet, but it is estimated at 12 -15 years.


I am thrilled to announce my partnership with BAXTER & Bella: The Online Puppy School. It is so important to me that the puppies get off to the right start in their new homes and that puppy families feel confident in raising their puppies right. I am so happy to offer my discount code: BERNEDOODLELANE for 25% off a lifetime membership of professional training access for you, your puppy and dogs!

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    Thanks for contacting BernedoodleLane!


    The Donovan's

    He's been a wonderful dog. all vet checks have been clear. Everyone comments on his temperament! He's very calm and super gentle with our two girls. We just love him! We started obedience training with him and besides a few kids toys, he's been really good with chewing. We will definitely spread the word! We are so happy with our puppy!

    Jared C

    Waylon is doing amazing, he still blows me away how good he is, he finished his obedience classes a couple weeks ago, and he has done very well with everything they have taught. ..

    He went for his first haircut last week on Friday, the groomer couldn't quite believe how well behaved he was the entire time he was there. 

     We get compliments all the time on how he "isn't like other puppies" and how beautiful he is.

    I am happy to hear that you are having more puppies as we are very happy with ours and others need to experience the love a bernedoodle can give!! Our adoption experience with you has been amazing and love that you are checking in with us. 

    He's so calm and well mannered. Training is awesome with him he's so smart and picks up everything so quickly. The first week I had him he had a handful of accidents and he has been good ever since. He is very healthy and the biggest cuddler and so sweet with my younger siblings. He's an awesome puppy and thank you so much for him<3.

    Kashtin L


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